Appointment Request Form

Schedule an appointment via online form.  Complete all required information.

Image of the appointment request form

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a cognitive testing room?
Select “cognitive testing” under special category. Indicate the order and duration in the comments section.

How do I cancel appointments?
The automated confirmation email that you receive after submitting a request has a link at the bottom for canceling appointments. It will take you to another page where you will type ‘CANCEL’.
If you would prefer to email instead that is also fine, but do not submit cancellation requests through the webcamp form.

How do I know if a date is available?
Be sure to check the CRU calendar to find out what days the unit is open and available

What do I do if the date I need is a “black-out” date?
If you are scheduling an appointment during a Black-Out date and thus webcamp doesn’t allow you to proceed, contact to work out an alternative.

Where can I send documents?
Documents can be faxed to the CRU at 202-444-1505