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ResearchMatch for Georgetown University Researchers

Access to ResearchMatch is granted on a study-by-study basis; that is, investigators must individually register each study. Registration takes only a few minutes and you must complete the process in one sitting.

There are two levels of access available to Georgetown University investigators: feasibility access and recruitment access.

Investigators may sign themselves up in ResearchMatch or may delegate recruitment privileges to a study coordinator or other study team member (a proxy).

Feasibility Access

Feasibility access gives you the ability to view aggregate data on the registry population without an IRB-approved protocol. To register a study for feasibility access, you must:

  • Be affiliated with Georgetown University
  • Provide your Georgetown email address
  • Create a ResearchMatch username and password

Recruitment Access

Recruitment access gives you the ability to recruit volunteers through ResearchMatch. To register a study for recruitment access, you must meet the same access requirements as for feasibility access. In addition, for each study you want to recruit for, you must:

  • Be the principal investigator (PI) or authorized to recruit for the study on behalf of the PI
  • Upload an electronic copy of your IRB approval letter, and an IRB approved recruitment message to implement when using ResearchMatch.

Note: Individuals accessing as a proxy for the PI will be asked to indicate that, and to provide the study PI’s name, email address and phone number.

Getting Started

Create an account by following the prompt to register as a researcher.

Register to attend free webinars to learn more.

Contact Elan Donnellan for more information.