Clinical Participant Care Services

Clinical Research Unit Staff

  • Four Registered Nurses certified in Chemotherapy
  • Three Research Assistants
  • Research Study Coordinator
  • Lab Manager
  • Nurse Practitioner

The CRU provides outpatient and inpatient clinical research support to both pediatric and adult research participants.  Some of the procedures that the staff perform and staff qualifications include:

  • Certified research professionals
  • Venipuncture techniques: phlebotomy, intravenous catheters, venous access devices and central line placement
  • Collection of special fluids to include CSF, Pleural or Peritoneal preparation of specimens including use of the centrifuge and aliquoting
  • Storage, packaging and shipping of specimens from IATA certified staff
  • Acute and emergency care trained ACLS certified
  • Acquiring ECGs and rhythm strips
  • Exercise stress testing
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Resting energy expenditure
  • Punch biopsies
  • Complicated pharmacokinetic sampling
  • Dolorimetry
  • Tender point assessment
  • Chemotherapy administration certified
  • Complete history and physical exams performed
  • Insulin clamp studies
  • Diabetes education
  • Vaccination
  • Pulse wave analysis
  • Complex medication administration with monitoring
  • Allergy testing
  • Questionnaire administration

*The CRU staff is not limited to these procedures and are continually learning and extending their capabilities based on the needs of the investigators.

Physical Resources


The Georgetown University Clinical Research Unit occupies the seventh floor East Wing of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Main Hospital Building.

The area contains:

  • Six inpatient/outpatient rooms
  • Four infusion chairs
  • Phlebotomy room with 2 phlebotomy chairs
  • Cognitive testing room with video monitoring
  • Fully equipped exercise testing room


The CRU has a variety of clinical and research equipment. The equipment available is constantly changing to meet the needs of our investigators. Below is a list of some of the equipment available for use:

  • Wall mounted stadiometer
  • Portable ECG machines
  • Unit Telemetry
  • Vital signs machines with pulse oximatry
  • Metabolic Cart for PFTs and resting energy expenditure
  • DXA Hologic Q Series
  • Sphygmacor pulse wave velocity and analysis
  • Variable speed and temperature centrifuge
  • Two sub zero freezer set at -70 to -80
  • Electronic standing scale (weight up to 400 kgs)
  • YSI glucose analyzer
  • Marquetee 200 Max personal exercise stress testing
  • Airodyne bicycle
  • Elliptical
  • Gynecology equipped outpatient exam table