Scheduling Policies & Procedures

Please see our video and comment instructions for guidance on how to schedule an appointment at the CRU.

  1. We encourage appointment requests to be made at least 2 weeks ahead of time whenever possible.
  2. Prior to submitting your appointment request, please reference our CRU calendar for up-to-date information on hours and availability. 
  3. Appointment requests should be made via the online form. Be sure to connect to the VPN to schedule appointments for patients as well as sample processing. Complete all required information.
  4. If the appointment request is submitted on short notice, you must call the CRU front desk (202-444-0796) in addition to submitting an appointment request form. Specific appointment times cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Contact the nurse manager for all overnight or extended stay requests prior to scheduling the subject. The CRU is open overnight on an as needed basis.  For more information about the nights the CRU is open, see the calendar (new window).
  6. The appointment request will be considered based on resources available at the time of request. Including nursing staff, research assistants and room availability.)
  7. If there are not adequate resources at the requested time, we will contact you to discuss alternative times within 3 business days. Please see the calendar (new window) for up to date information on hours and availability. 
  8. At the time of the visit, please be sure to sign in and provide any additional information that was not available at the time the appointment was made.
  9. CRU staff cannot treat the subject without visual verification of the signed consent. It is the study team’s responsibility to ensure that consent is documented.
  10. At completion of the visit, be sure to sign the patient out.
  11. Blood draw services are available Monday through Friday 8:00am – 2:00pm. For planning purposes, we ask you to schedule an appointment as early as possible.
  12. Late afternoon samples that require overnight shipment, after the CRU pick-up is already complete, may need to be handed off to the study team. The CRU will process, package and schedule pick-up for another location as requested.
  13. If you have any concerns or questions about scheduling, please contact the nurses station, at 202-444-0796 or